8 Essential Products for Car Detailing at Home

Car detailing is not about merely washing the car, it is more extensive than cleaning your car. Car detailing is not required as frequently as cleaning for your car is needed. Car detailing includes deep cleaning, and light cosmetic paint restoration and also focuses on high-tech protective coatings. Car detailing rejuvenates your rides and it’s a special event for your car. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 8 car detailing products that come in handy to perform it at home.

1.     Buckets

To remove the dirt stains, paint scratches, and water swirls, bring a pair of premium quality car washing buckets with screens to trap the dirt. They should suck the dirt and grime in their bottom. The screens ensure the prevention of dirt sticking to the car body and scratches to the paint.

2.    Car Wash Hand Mitt

Non-abrasive and highly absorbent car wash mitts are the key to better detailing at home for your car. They are the best tool to clean the car paint and get rid of the dirt and grime stuck to its body. The result of using it is the clear visibility of the original shine of your car.

3.    Brushes

Brushes come in various designs and sizes and some cases with different coarseness grade levels. They come in handy to remove the dirt and dust stuck to the tires. Also, brushes for paint are different than the ones used for tires.

4.  Foam Cannon

They are ideal for use to shampoo your car in the detailing process. It helps you cover more surface area to wash your car easily and thoroughly. They help you get your car shampooed front and back. It’s a joyous process, indeed!

5.  Vacuum and blower

They make detailing at home a perfect experience. The use of a vacuum/blower lets you clean the interior of your car before you clean it outside. Having a portable vacuum/blower for your car detailing is a blessing to make the process super easy and fun.

6.  Plastic razor blades

You may need to remove the old stickers from the glass of your car, so plastic razor blades do an incredible job in comparison with steel razors. Steel razor might cause scratches on the glass or the paint, while plastic razor makes the process flawless.

7.  Drying tools

Once you are done with the cleaning and washing process of your car, it’s time to dry it. Microfibre towels help you remove dirty stains left on the paint due to water swirls. Chamois could also be used due to its fine absorbent quality to remove the leftovers.

8.  Auto detailing belt

When you detail your car, you look busy and sometimes the people around you make you feel like you are doing something useless. Try wearing an auto detailing belt and keep all the cleaning tools inside your pockets. It gives a look that will ensure you are the perfect detailing expert for your lovely car.

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